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Piano Lessons in Singapore by ADELINE YEO

Welcome to Adeline Yeo’s piano studio.  Adeline conducts piano lessons at her piano studio located at Lorong Chuan area.  Adeline teaches students from 3 and half years old to adult learners.  Piano lessons are for students from beginners to diploma level.  With more than 30 years of piano teaching experience,  Adeline works extremely well with young children.  Adeline’s training with Trinity in music allows her to bring rhythm, notations and harmony into her piano lessons.

Discover Music with Adeline


Are you looking for effective piano lessons in Singapore? At Adeline’s piano studio, she conducts private piano lessons for kids and adult learners so that each student gets the best attention during their piano lessons.

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Are you looking for Piano Lessons in Singapore?

Adeline Yeo Piano Studio offers private piano lessons designed to help you reach your musical ambitions. Our Piano teachers have a great appreciation for music and are looking forward to sharing it with their students. Our knowledgeable instructors are committed to helping you develop your technical and creative skills – all at a pace that’s comfortable for you.

Reason Why Parents & Students Choose Adeline Piano Lessons

1. Develop a strong technical foundation

Our instructors will help you develop a strong technical foundation for your piano playing. We focus on developing the fundamentals of rhythm, scales, chords, and technique.

2. Explore the joy of performing

Our tutors are committed to helping you move beyond technical mastery, inspiring you to explore the joy of performing. We will help you find the confidence and courage to perform for family and friends, or even on stage.

3. Learn from experienced instructors

Adeline Yeo Piano Studio is committed to providing quality instruction from experienced teachers. Our piano teachers have a wealth of knowledge to draw from, and they’re dedicated to helping you reach your musical goals.

4. Excellent service

At Adeline Piano Studio, we provide the best services for our students. We provide guidance to all students & parents regarding their piano lesson journey.

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