Benefits of Music and Piano Lessons

Piano Lessons for Kids

“Music training direct children’s attention to sounds, and teaches them to make sound-meaning connections, eventually leading to heightened biological processing of sound that is associated with superior academic performance.” – Professor Nina Kraus

Studies show that music can have positive biological effects on a child’s brain, including improvement on their speech, a boost in self-confidence and an eagerness to learn. Thus, it can be a way to improve academic performance and promote social and holistic development for the children.

To know more about how music can benefit kids, you may check out this article.

Piano Lessons for Kids - Adeline Yeo Piano Studio Singapore
Piano Lessons for Adults - Adeline Yeo Piano Studio Singapore

Piano Lessons for Adults

Music is for everyone of all ages. Along with its benefits for kids, here are some that can also be beneficial for the elderly’s welfare.

  1. Improvement on Health
    • Strengthening our immune system
    • Relaxation and calming effect
    • Anti-stress
  2. Brain Stimulation
    • Avoiding cognitive decline that may lead to dementia and other related conditions
    • Improvement of brain’s motor and audio functions
  3. Time Management
    • Adapt skills on time management, which is a useful skill in different life situations
  4. Increase in IQ
    • Improves academic abilities
  5. Be a Better Listener
    • Enables to be emotionally aware of other people’s feelings
    • Emotional expression through music

Here’s an article by Jordan Smith of CMUSE that discusses the five reasons why it’s good to learn a musical instrument.