Happy Learners & Testimonials

With over 20 years of experience, I am proud to say that I have a 100% passing rate at which all my students have excelled in their exams and recitals after their time with me. Here are some of their kind words that I will forever cherish.

“Dear Ms. Adeline, Thank you so much for teaching Elizabeth! She is always very happy with you; always cheerful about going and returning home from her lessons. I’m grateful that I can freely express my desires concerning Elizabeth’s music lessons with you, knowing fully well how approachable, warm and understanding you are.”

– Dr. T.S. Tan

“Thanks so much. I really appreciate the fact that you’re always reasonable and approachable. Elizabeth really enjoys your lessons.”

– Mrs. Teoh

“Miss Adeline, Happy Teacher’s Day! Thank you for teaching us and being so patient with us!”

– Hannah and Sarah

“Thanks so much for all your patience and hard work with our boys these past few years. They both want to continue with piano, no doubt because you’ve helped it to be fun.”

– Stella

“Thanks for teaching me to play the piano. I greatly enjoyed playing piano and appreciate your effort to help me learn.”

– Jovia

“Thank you for teaching me some piano skills for these past two years. You really added music into my life and I really would like to thank you for that.”

– George

“Teacher Adeline is effective even during online via Zoom! Thanks!”

– Elisabeth JE