Piano Classes and Fun Learning Activities

In learning how to play the piano, one must understand the art of music. During piano classes, these fun activities help me make my piano lessons more engaging & interesting for all kids & adults.

Flash Cards

Flash cards are useful for visual memorisation and terminology memorisation. It allows the student to learn bite-sized pieces of information more efficiently.

Flash Cards - Fun Learning Activities

Instruments for Tapping Rhythm

Rhythm musical instruments allow students to develop auditory awareness and offers a multi-sensory learning experience.

Instruments for Tapping Rhythm - Fun Learning Activities

Musical Card Games

To train the brain to adapt with music is not an overnight business, but musical card games can help make lessons even more exciting and interactive!

Musical Card Games - Fun Learning Activities

Magnetic Boards

Magnetic Boards are fun and effective teaching aids for us tutors and for students to improve their music reading skills and understand music theories.

Magnetic Boards - Fun Learning Activities

Percussion Composition Activities

This is a fun hands-on activity that enables my students to play an instrument and pick their song choice that reflects their preferred music style.

Percussion Composition Activities

Why not add moments of pianofun to life and enrich yourself?